Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Wacky Wednesday: Protest at Marine's funeral

This is just crazy. I suppose I can see being against the war, but this is just so terrible. Why not just let the families grieve in peace?

NAPERVILLE — From all accounts, 19-year-old Lance Cpl. Adam Kaiser lived a quiet life before he was killed serving with the Marines in Iraq.

His funeral service, however, might not be that quiet for his Romeoville parents and others who mourn his death.

A church group that protests funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq with signs that read, "God Hates America," and, "Thank God for Dead Soldiers," plans to be there.


Illinois Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn is proposing a new law that would prohibit protests within 300 feet of any military funeral.

"To have these vile signs and epithets hurled at any family and any funeral is wrong," Quinn told the Chicago Sun-Times. "We should respect the right of any family to grieve and bury their dead with reverence."

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