Saturday, December 10, 2005

Emergents and Jews Conversing

This should be interesting.

S3K and Emergent will convene pioneering rabbis, pastors, artists, and leaders who are reaching out to the unaffiliated and others who are not attracted to mainstream congregations. An open discussion with leading clergy in mainstream synagogues will address the relationship between the congregational establishment and emerging groups.

Leading mainstream clergy will be meeting to discuss ways to attract those who aren't attracted to mainstream congregations? Anyone else find that a little odd? Shouldn't there be people who aren't in the mainstream to help represent those people? Oh wait, that's right, Brian McLaren is the big wig Emergent rep. Anyway, I love that they can't really specify what they are trying to accomplish. Of course, how could they? Then the Emergents would have to place themselves in a box and actually state what they believe and don't believe. And that would go against the entire movement's proclomation of their lack of leaders and structure.

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