Monday, December 19, 2005

A Final Plea for Angels Wake: VOTE

Now that I have your attention, fellow boardies, let me ask you a small favor. The voting has been extended for that contest being run on Indie Heaven, and we still need your help. We dropped two places tonight, after holding our own at 11 for quite some time. It's over on the 31st, and I know you guys have enough attention in you to vote for 2 weeks. So go here: and vote for us. It's simple, and could very well save the world. Click on the little radio tower, and this should bring you to charts. Find us, click on our song ("Going Home") and vote us as high as possible. It's that simple. Vote every day until the 31st. And do so with a warm glow, because you're doing your part to save humanity.
- Angels Wake

As of today they are listed at number 13, if they don't stay within the top 15 they won't make the compilation. And that would be a shame if only because they have (until recently) been in the top 11 for well over a month.

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