Saturday, December 10, 2005

I would like to gush for just a moment.

I have a beautiful daughter. Seriously. I don't think there has ever been a nearly one year old girl who's beauty could compare. Oh, and she LOVES Veggie Tales, therefore she is by far the coolest girl (aside from me) to have ever existed. She dances to the songs, and seems to really know what is going on in Where's God When I'm Scared b/c she gets pretty hyper at appropraite times. She is one smart cookie.

We had a rather momentous event yesterday. I took her to Claire's in the mall and had her ears pierced! AHHH! She did great though. She didn't cry much, and I think most of it was because she was being held down. The only things she hates more than being held down is putting on her winter jacket and having food taken away from her (especially candy canes).

So, to sum up there are five things you need to know about my baby girl.

1. She is adorable.
2. She is highly intelligent.
3. She has great taste in tv and music.
4. She is one tough chick, of course she'd have to be with the big brother she has!

And finally, and most importantly,

5. She is mine, I love her, and I'm keeping her!

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