Friday, December 16, 2005

Explorations in the Kitchen

So, dinner is done, the troops have been fed. The overall opinion of tonight's cooking experiment? Pretty good. I never stick to the recipes, mostly b/c I don't measure anything unless I'm baking, and neither does Rachel Ray so odds are her version of this tastes slightly different. But pretty good. Could have used more hot sauce, maybe a little less basil (I added this to the sauce).

But hey, considering my brother ate it I'd say it was a hit. He never eats dinner with us, but he just couldn't resist my skill in the kitchen this evening! And my daughter loved it as well, granted she only liked it after I let her eat it off my plate, but she still loved it. And my son? Eh, he doesn't eat anything so I don't take it personal that he didn't eat this. So yay. It was good. Try it out.

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