Monday, December 26, 2005

Baby Rumors Reach Fevor Pitch

“Angelina nearly fainted several times and had to be taken off to the side to rest,” says the insider. “People on set were thinking, She’s obviously pregnant! All signs point to that.”

So what? I mean really. She is a woman, what is so fantastic about the idea of her having a baby?

Meanwhile, Brad’s ex, Jennifer Aniston, wants to start a family next year, says a friend of Jen’s. “Jen would love to have a little boy and a little girl,” says the friend. “Having a beautiful family would show Brad just what he missed.” But insiders say beau Vince Vaughn isn’t ready to be a dad. Can their relationship survive?

Source (emphasis mine)

Because that's the best reason to have kids. Geez. She didn't seem to want kids when she was with him, but now she's ready to pop them on out to show him whose who?

Hollywood gets on my nerves a lot lately.

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