Thursday, December 22, 2005

If you don't have Firefox you need it

I just upgraded to the latest version of Firefox, and I am officially in love all over again. This browser is FAR superior to IE, honestly I don't know why people still use that browser, and has just gotten better. Do you visit blogs? Do you visit lots of blogs? Do you visit news websites? Do you hate having to go to each one every day to see if anything new is up? With the live bookmarks in Firefox you don't have to! It's SO NEAT! You just bookmark your pages that you visit, and as you go through the bookmark tab at the top it will show you the titles of the latest posts on websites with RSS feeds that you have bookmarked! This aspect alone makes the browser worth downloading. So, I implore you, download Firefox and save time and energy! And forget IE even exists, it's nothing but a head ache.

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