Tuesday, December 20, 2005

There isn't much that makes me more happy...

Than my kids. I love them. I love the way my son tries to love on his sister and hug her and she gets all fidgety and wants to run away. I love the way they play together. They are very cute, I'll tell you now I'm not sure there have been children more adorable than my kids. They have this cute game they play where they race from one side of the house to the other, crawling. It started because my son would follow his "sissy" around the house mimicking her when all she did was crawl. Very cute. What is even more cute is the fact that now they race each other and fall down laughing once they are done.

I've truly been blessed. And what's even better is that in their own ways they seem to be drawing closer to God. Julianne loves reading the Bible with me, ok I read it and she eats, but whatever. And William I'm noticing likes to spend time in prayer more than anything else. It's encouraging. Are there times when they don't want to do these things? Sure, but we press on because it's important. Anyway, I love my kids and you should to!

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