Friday, February 17, 2006

Steve Camp on Rick Warren

I love Steve Camp. hahaha

A guy writes one very successful book, makes a lot of money and all of a sudden he's concerned about people with AIDS and world hunger. Fair enough. But now, Rick Warren is spearheading a global effort called the Evangelical Climate Initiative...

One must ask of our brother, is this a midlife crisis or a global one? Warren has changed the hair; changed the wardrobe; grew the goatee; announced he was curing world hunger, but couldn't (his undying cause six months ago); realizes that addressing AIDS is more complicated than knowing BONO and throwing celebrity money at it; still isn't sure what translation to read; has a PHD in proof-texting (no one is better than the Rickster); and isn't content with what his biblical duties as a pastor are... so what does he do now? Buy a bright red turbo charged hybrid car? No--too obvious. Instead, create the Evangelical Climate Initiative. Give it time--this too shall pass... possibly by autumn or until U2's next CD comes out outlining the next cause. (In addition to AIDS, world hunger and global warming, maybe he could also go to Europe and resolve the Cartoon Riots and then find Osama.)


PS - Please notice, I'm not completely insensitive to Mr. Warren's environmental concerns. To show my empathy, I chose to use a dark-green color on the subheading titles and blockquote. I'm doing all that I can in my part to help Rick in this cause.

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ryan said...

Wow. The last two or three times I've heard news of Steve Camp, he's been blasting someone else for not living his version of the Christian life. Too bad. I like his early stuff.