Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Day the Computer Died

So, my computer died. And I haven't really posted much since. Here is the basic run down.

Oh my son, how I love the boy, decided it would be a swell idea to leave his juice sitting on top of the tower. (He knows he isn't supposed to do that, and truth be told I don't remember the last time he ever did leave anything on top of the computer) and my daughter was playing and... Well, she is really into cups right now. So swoosh, drip drip drip. Right into the back of the tower.

I don't know what's wrong with it, simply because all my knowledge is wrapped up in installing DSL and messing with software and building websites. I don't know anything about the inside of a computer. All I know is no fun for me. MONTHS of research on Bible translations and movements within the church, as well as music and graphic design projects are locked up in a computer I can't touch.

YAY. Haha. At least she's cute. Anyway, I've moved onto my mom's laptop (which I hate, not just her's all laptops. I just don't like them) and am back up and running, though the loss of my stuff is rather irritating.

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