Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I Think They Should Call It "Pizza Town"

The guy from Domino's has decided to start a town based off of Catholic ideals (No birth control of any kind, no porn, ect. Though I do wonder what their stance is on wine? Only red wine allowed within the city? They'll probably have The Passion show every Sunday after mass is over), and I'm just wondering if Domino's will be the only pizza place in town?

All joking aside, how are they going to enforce it? What if someone decides to move there and use condoms? Will they feed said person to the alligators (It is being built by the Everglades in Florida, ah how I miss the days of swamp buggy races)?

And it may seem strange to people, but really I understand the appeal of this. With the country, and the world at large, in a state of moral decline and open rebellion against God it is an attractive thing. To create a state where there are only people who share your beliefs around you, it would make things so much more simple in a way. But we are in the world, to be a witness and a reproach to the world. God didn't call us to be a bunch of hermits, despite how very attractive that does seem (especially to an introvert like me).

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