Thursday, February 23, 2006

Book Review: Unveiled

I picked this book up for two reasons. One: It's by Francine Rivers. I'd previously read her book entitled, Redeeming Love, and was deeply impressed by it so I thought I would give another book a shot. Two: It the first of five books based upon the lives of women in Christ's lineage. It is based on the Biblical account of Tamar.

So, here's the basic run down. As far as I can tell from memory she stays pretty true to the Biblical account. Actually in the introduction to the book she says that was her goal, to be able to stay as true to it as possible while expanding on the internal thoughts and motivations of the characters. I think she succeeded very well.

The beginning pages of the book, quite honestly, are a little rough. When I started reading it I was a little disappointed. Perhaps I came at this book with expectations that are too high. Perhaps not. But I was pleasantly surprised that with the appearance of Tamar the writing style picked up, as well as my interest, and continued on through the end of the book.

For the first of five books, I think she did very well with this. Obviously I encourage you, if you're going to read the book, to know the Biblical account of Tamar. I found this book to be moving, honest, and over all well written. Just don't go into it expecting it to be Redeeming Love and you won't be disappointed!

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