Tuesday, February 07, 2006


A constant flow of emotions that sets you on cloud nine and then brings you down to the lowest levels of discouragement is human. But for those that believe, deep down inside there is set a constant unwavering joy, and that is God. It is easy to find when the mood is high and laughter is in the air. When the sun shines and a cool breeze blows on a warm summer day it shows in your smile like a clear window to your soul. However, there are those times when the mood is gray and the emotions that roll from your heart follow the negative thoughts that bombard your mind like a war torn battle field. The times when the sky churns with storm clouds in the winter creating a freezing rain that can paralyze you with sluggish inactivity. The window shuttered and boarded by the frown that has replaced the smile. But take heart followers of Christ, these are also the times of miracles, and believers are revealed. These are the times to put trust in the one who created you and confidence that He is going to carry your through the storm. These are the times to test the resolve you found in the sunlight. These are the times when those who really believe, standing in stark contrast to their surroundings and circumstances, reveal true joy. These are the times when people of loss look to one of their own and think, “what does that person have to smile about?” You know what it is brother, and so do you my sister. If you feel the tug of peace on your heart right now and a small grin beginning to appear on your lips, then you know what it is. That’s the joy that Christ has given you. Turning your mind and heart to Him when your weathering the storm is the key to finding it. It’s a hard thing to do though when everything seems bleak, when no one seems to understand how you feel, when your rejected by someone you love, when your finances seem to be crumbling around you, when the world is going crazy and you just don’t know what to do, I know its hard, but hang in there and think on the goodness of God, and slowly the sun will come out again, I promise friend. I know because I’m not writing this while the sun is shining on me. The storm is strong right now. However, I’m encouraged by the joy He has placed in me. HOPE is strong, FAITH is strong, and LOVE is the greatest of all! The love He has for you and I! Do you feel the JOY?
Source (emphasis mine)

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