Thursday, February 02, 2006

Narnia 2.0

Well, we Christians must be truly desperate for entertainment these days. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian will begin production shortly and should be released around Christmas 2007. Am I the only one on the planet who isn't thrilled with the idea? When the Lord of the Rings movies were big all I ever heard about was how great the movies were, and that you could see the correlation between the films and the Bible (and to put the critic's mind at ease, yes I did see the movies though I must admit I fell asleep in the theater during the second one).

So, if that is true why do we need a "Christian" series to be released? Are people actually going to get up from these movies and say, "Wow, Jesus rocks," if they don't already have faith in Him? People talk about using these films for outreach, but how effective has it been? The first one has been out for quite some time, and I haven't heard of ANY stories of someone accepting Christ after seeing it. If it's such a great outreach, where's the conversions? Where are the changed lives?

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Rick said...

hi, kristina - i'll agree with you, but will add that the movies are good and worth producing because they're good stories. are they allegorical? yes. do they point to a biblical worldview? sure. but i hate the marketing and hype. these are good stories and worth producing for their own sake. to make them a means to an end seems dishonest. but they'll make money, and one way to make money is to get gullbile christian demographics involved with the hype. that's the part i don't like.

can't believe you fell asleep durint LOTR :)