Thursday, February 23, 2006

Book Review: Unshaken

Unshaken is the third book in the series written about women in Christ's lineage. This book is written about one of my favorite women in the Bible. This book is about Ruth.

No, I didn't read these books in order, I have yet to read the second, fourth, and fifth books. I picked Tamar because it was the first book, but I picked Ruth...well, because it's Ruth. And as always, I encourage you to be familiar with the Biblical account before starting these books.

Unshaken begins it's journey with Ruth walking the streets of her town, her husband has sent her to visit her parents as he lay dying from an unknown disease. Once he dies Ruth and her mother in law sojourn to Naomi's home town of Bethlehem. As you read the account and see Ruth's willingness to remain true to her mother in law you can't help but be touched, but you also realize this goes well beyond loyalty to a beloved family member. Ruth has made up her mind to follow Naomi largely because she desires to learn more about the God of the Hebrews and worship Him. It is her love for her mother in law and her growing desire for God that leads this young woman to forsake her family and the life she has known in exchange for a life of poverty in an unknown land where she is not welcome.

By time Boaz made his first appearance I felt deeply attached to Ruth, moved and encouraged by her faith. And as you read it you can't help but rejoice in the provisions God provided these two women, truly He was faithful to them in their darkest hours as He is faithful to all who would trust Him.

This book does take some liberties, but none I feel that take away from the Biblical account. It's well written and quite touching. It is the story of Ruth.

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