Monday, November 21, 2005

Who do you see when you see me?

Hmm, it seems I have been spending a lot of time over at Challies the past couple of months. With good reason, the articles are quite interesting and the message board digs in deep with a lot of topics, over all this seems to be one of the best sites I've seen in years. Anyway, I came across this and honestly it struck a chord with me.

I'm just wondering, who do you see when you see me? Do you see a woman seeking God, who is desperately in love with her Savior? Do you see the effect God has had on my life? Is it a good effect? Do I seem to be a better person since I've come to Christ? Can you see God in me?

I have been blessed with someone who I look to, who models not the woman I want to become like the world models their look and behavior exactly after the superstar of the moment, rather she models some of the qualities of what a godly woman who is desperately seeking God's will has. Someone who challenges me to think, who challenges me to grow in (and continue to seek) God, who challenges me to become the woman God intended for me to be rather than the woman I am now - to be unable to rest in mediocrity that I have become accustomed to.

At the same time I wonder if I will ever become a woman that others would aspire to be like, if there are qualities about me that glorify God that other women will see and want to find their own way to bring glory to Him. That is my desire, to show God in such a way that people around me just stop and say "Geez, I could love God at least as much as she does," and then pursue that love. I want to be the kind of woman that when people see me they see that I am flawed, but full of love for the Lord, that there is nothing in my life that matters more than my relationship with Him. I want to be the a woman who strives to glorify God in it all, and I long to be able to help and encourage other women to seek a deeper relationship with Christ.

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