Sunday, November 27, 2005

Not sure what to call this...

Countless millions have gone home to the Lord. Most of them we have never heard of. They led quiet lives, most probably went unnoticed in societies eyes - passed over for people doing bigger and "greater things." It is these people, these mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters that you never hear of that I often think of. These people just lived their lives, hopefully as best they could to bring glory to the Lord. Perhaps they only impacted the lives of a handful of people, but I am most certain that touching a few people in a profound way has a much more important impact than being famous or great in society's eyes.

It is in the day to day relationships with others that we can make a lasting impact for the kingdom of Christ. It is in living our lives in a God honoring way that is accurate to what the Bible teaches that we can make a difference. You want to change the world? Start at home. Raise your children to know who the real Jesus is. Honor your husbands and wives as the Bible tells you to. And when you screw up, admit it. Repent and move on, don't keep going down the wrong road because you are to proud to admit you've messed up. You risk continuing down the wrong road and leading those who look up to you with you down the broad road to destruction.

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