Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Wacky Wednesday: Tomato on G.W. Bush and Katrina

Don't ask me why I'm posting this, I was just very entertained by this post last night...Perhaps I was over tired. Anyway, here is a new blog I found (I've been finding a lot of them lately) and the mandatory liberal hating Bush post.

It has come to my attention that since I did not blame George Bush for the tragedy that is Katrina's rescue effort, I am a "spewing partisan rhetorical mis-information." Since I am not a Republican this is really disturbing to me. So in an effort to distance myself from the Bush administration I will use this post to point out some obvious truths about the man, George Bush:

George Bush actually caused hurricane Katrina. Well, not so much caused it but at least empowered it by planting underwater heaters beneath the Gulf of Mexico to make sure any hurricane that was there would definitely become a cat5 storm that would hit New Orleans.

Why would George Bush be against New Orleans?

Obviously because New Orleans voted 77% for Kerry. For sure he'd be mad at them and want to spite them. He could have, for instance, NOT put billions of dollars into the war with Iraq, and instead built a super flood protection center for the poor. Then they would be safe. But no, because George Bush hates poor people and everyone knows that poor people vote for Democrats. So Bush had to destroy them.


It's just too bad John Kerry isn't president because there is just no way he would have let the hurricane happen, let alone destroy New Orleans. Because Jon Kerry loves the black people!
(emphasis mine)

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Scott said...

Well thanks for being entertained, even if it was only because you were tired.