Thursday, November 24, 2005

Lessons in holiness - but who's teaching who?

I like reading random blogs, I'm a people watcher by nature so reading blogs is great b/c I can observe people without having to leave the comfort of my own home. I found a new blog today in which a mother shared this adorable post about her daughter learning about temptation.

So, we had a little talk. I explained that there are things we really like to do that we really mustn't. Those things are called temptations, and we must fight hard not to do them and pray to the Lord for help. But it's worth it, because we will always feel better doing things God's way, rather than our own.
As always with little ones, I was quite prepared to have to repeat this conversation a few times before it sunk in.
I crept up the stairs, not really wanting to catch her in the act, again. She had gone to the toilet first, which is fine, of course. Then there was silence for about 30 seconds when I knew she wasn't moving.
Then I heard her whisper emphatically 'No!' and those tempted feet ran back into bed. She began to pray.

"Lord, please, help me to learn your righteousness, help me help me..."

It's amazing how you can learn from your children, or other people's children. This little girl is so ahead of the game. It is beautiful.

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