Sunday, November 27, 2005

'Jesusy' Anne Lamott

Lamott is nuts about Jesus, but she's okay with dating someone who isn't. "He's not a believer yet," she says about the South African artist who works in advertising. "But he loves God. It's just that he doesn't quite commit. He's been sober as long as I have, and we both have a higher power. I call mine Jesus."

But what "God" does He love? Allah? Budda? Perhaps he loves Walsch's "God"? The point is, if you don't follow Jesus you can't truely be following and loving God. Jesus is the way, and nobody comes to the Father but by Him. That is a Biblical fact.

When she first sensed Jesus' physical presence during her conversion 17 years ago, some people dismissed the experience because she was hungover.

By the second time she met up with Jesus, she had been sober for over 10 years. She ran into him in an airplane lavatory. The so-far unpublished event happened a few years ago. She was flying to the East Coast to give a sermon and a lecture at a church. Disturbed by her fear of flying, she couldn't concentrate on writing the sermon she was about to deliver. (It's normal for her to prepare her speeches on the way to her speaking engagements. "I just totally trust the Holy Spirit to help me.")

WHAT? Ok, so she was going to give a sermon and then she came to Christ? That seems a little out of wack, but I'd love more explination on the first time she "met up with Jesus."

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