Saturday, November 12, 2005

Thanks For the Past Year and A Prayer For The Coming Year

Lord God, my dear and precious Father, thank You! Thank You, Jesus, for the strength you have given me this past year. Thank you for guiding my walk as I submit to you. Thank You for Your unwillingness to let me walk without warning into sin. Jesus, I thank you for those times when You have pulled me back from the brink of sin only to reveal how long of a fall it would have been if I had contiuned on. And thank You Lord, for lifting me back up after those times I've fallen dispite Your every effort to turn me from the wrong path. Thank you for using those failures to cause me to see You and how utterly nessicary you are to my life.

Jesus, I ask that You would continue on. Guide my feet and my sprit (and my tounge!) in Your will. I thank You for shining a light on the darkness, I thank You that Your Word pierces the soul - cutting to the inner most parts of myself. I thank You for the times my heart has been broken over my sin and Your sacrifice for me, and I ask, in Jesus' holy and beautiful name, that You would continue to break my heart of the sin in my life. Give me a new heart, Father.

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Helen said...

Beautiful prayer. I love your blog.