Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Why does He love me?

Seriously, why does Jesus love me? You wouldn't believe how much He is blessing me. I cannot begin to explain what a wonderful and loving God Christ is. It's funny, today actually was stressful for me in certain ways (a friend unknowingly is forcing me out of my shell about certain things) and I wanted to, and did, cry a lot today. And yet after I got the kids down I just felt so good about myself.

Like heavy load has been unburdened. I wish I could make you all understand, but it would take forever to do so. So all I can hope, and pray for, is that each of you would be equally aware of His blessings. Even the hard times are blessings looking back on them. They are an oppertunity to grow and mature in His love. The trials of this life are a great way of seeing His hand at work. Yes the good things are to, but what is it that Vanilla Sky said? Something like, the sweet just ain't as sweet without the sour. And it's the truth.

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