Monday, June 20, 2005

Trust in Me

Erm, so there is a new song entitled "Trust in Me" on the website. I did the guitar and really junky demo vocals (to get the melody out of my head) earlier, the guitar is pretty good, I may redo it, I may not. Actually I'm pretty happy with it. And I just redid the vocals, it's a bit rough but in a good way. Anyway, yes. God is good. :)

Want the lyrics? Good, here's them as they stand now. I may rewrite them a bit.

There is nothing I could say
To express the gratitude of my soul
You stooped down and redeemed me,
The emptiness hasn't got a grip on me.

You say, "see? I showed you
And we'll do it again.
Pay attention little one.
I've given you all you need
Just trust in me

Trust in me little one
I love you
Trust in me
And you'll see
If you trust in me"

There. Short, sweet. Pretty. :)

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