Friday, June 03, 2005

Today is 7 years

Today is the 7th anniversary of our arrival to Illinois. Today, 7 years ago, I was filled with grief; deeply mourning the loss of my beloved friends & home. I was uprooted and dragged across the country to a place where we had nothing and no one. No place to live, no jobs lined up; just a boyfriend calling us, telling my mom he wanted her, but he couldn't be in Florida anymore.

Yet somehow she pulled us through, she got an apartment and a job within 48 hours of our arrival. Admist the chaos of setting up a new home, a teenager deeply angry and resentful, and probably quite a bit of heart ache (Dan chose to get us up here then hid from us saying we were stalking him) she was a pillar of strength.

I don't remember seeing her doubt our purpose, she never cried in front of us though I'm sure she did cry. And today I look back, fondly and see God's mighty Hand in it all. He guided us here, not to reunite mom & Dan, rather He brought us here so I might be saved. If not for the heart ached then I wouldn't be where I am today. I wouldn't have my husband and two children, and I most certainly couldn't say that I was going to heaven. But I can say it now. And I thank God for that pain 7 years ago.

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