Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Baked Pigeons with Bacon & some food for thought

Servings: 3-4
6 Pigeons, cleaned
6 Bacon slices
Salt & pepper to taste

Wrap a bacon slice around each de-boned dove breast. Place in shallow baking dish and add s&p. Add 1 C water. Cover and cook at 350 degrees for 1-1 1/2 hours.

Thanks to Dave again. I've got two more of these babies. Whoever reads this could start a restraunt...and save money on the pest control for that restraunt. And if you start cooking up bugs you'd save all kinds of money. Dip those spiders in chocolate. You know I've always wanted to try chocolate covered crickets, everyone thinks I'm nuts. They do it all over the world. Heck, in Asia they eat LIVE squid as a test for bravery.

I remember way back in the day when I used to watch MTV (I think it was about 6-7 years ago when I stopped) I remember seeing Road Rules, only God knows what season it was, and they had a cook off between girls and boys & the girls made something really normal and good, and the boys made chocolate & cricket cookies. And they didn't tell the girls till after they had all eaten a cookie and one girl went and threw up. And I just remember thinking that I'd like to try those cookies b/c those girls were wusses.

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