Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I'm such a girl

Ok, I've never been one for shopping. And those of you who really know me just screamed "DUH" at your computers, I know you did I heard it.

Anyway, Julianne has messed me up, since I had her in December I've spent more time in stores than I care to admit. But only shopping for the kids or Chris. Yesterday the kids and I went out with my friend Kristin and her two kids. We spent 5 hours shopping, hit only 3 stores, and then I went out again today. It's crazy. Oh, but I finally own an ironing board, before this I just ironed on my kitchen table. And with the exception of maybe 3 outfits and the ironing board all the stuff bought was for me.

And I hate shopping (another DUH), well anyway I did. It's growing on me. I didn't run though the stores yesterday grabbing what I needed and leaving as quickly as possible. It was a new experience for me. I browsed. Can you believe it? Oh, and I've got a major thing about trying clothes on, I never do it because I get nervous. Well, I tried on LOTS of clothes yesterday. And I quit having panic attacks about half way through the shopping spree. So yay! I can function in stores now. I think.

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