Thursday, May 25, 2006


Recently, a friend of mine sent me an email promoting Snapfish, an online service that develops film, prints digital photos, and even will throw your photo on a t-shirt if you want. I had been thinking about trying out one of these services simply because I was curious. At any rate if I signed up for an account in response to my friend's email they would get free prints (30 or 40) and I would get 20 free prints as well, all I had to pay for was shipping. And so I decided to go for it. Roughly five minutes and $2.60 later I had a confirmation that my prints would arrive within a week or so.

Now, because I am ever the skeptic about things like this I purposely picked out some photos I knew would look great no matter what, threw in a photo I had taken on my cell phone, and a couple that were actually scanned into the computer. I figured with that much variance I'd be able to really see how good the service is. Then I forgot about it. Much to my surprise the photos came today, roughly three days later.

And overall I think it was worth the two dollars. The ones I figured would look bad, did in fact look bad. The ones that I knew would look fabulous came out that way. The ones that were a toss up ended up being ok, not horrid, but not great. I've never printed digital photos before, but I'm happy with the two dollars spent. So yes, online digital prints? Not bad, just make sure the photo looks good and sharp, if it is out of focus a little you're really going to be able to tell on the print.

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