Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Blogger Profiles

I'm a profiler, it's what I do, in fact it is one of my favorite past times. I love to read profiles. I'm one of those people who checks the profiles of the people on their buddy list on a regular basis simply to get a new glimpse of what is going on in their lives. I think profiles can reveal that about a person. I think a lack of information can, in many cases, indicate that one is hesitant to take a stand for what they put out on the internet, there isn't any accountability when you're using a fake name with no email address. I think blank profiles often indicate that one is fearful, of what? I don't know, but yes that is my theory. That or that you're just being lazy.

Anyway, more to the point I love a good profile. I like knowing a little bit of information about the author, it helps me relate. Perhaps this is why I very rarely read things that are written by people with blank profiles. If you can't even tell me if you live in the US or Canada, why should I expect you to share any thing of real worth with me? If you're so content on hiding, why have a blog? I'm not asking for your height, weight, and social security number, I'm just asking to know if you're a human, a dog, or a parasite. Boy or girl. That's really enough for me.

Especially since if you have a blog I will be able to get a glimpse of who you are anyway. I mean whatever you post on, obviously that interests you. It is going to reveal, in part, where your heart is. Do you talk about American Idol a lot? How about NASCAR? What about Jesus? These are things that will come out in your writing. If you don't want anyone to read what you write, why do you put it on the internet? Why not just put it in a notebook and hide it under your bed? It's because, maybe unintentionally, you are reaching out. You want to feel like you're connected to someone. Otherwise, why do it? Really, I want to know.

So, I'm a sucker for good profiles because they can reveal the heart of the author. And today, I found one.

I used to believe that evolution was reasonable, that homosexuality was genetic, and that people became Christians because they couldn't deal with the 'reality' that this life was all there was. I used to believe, that if there was a heaven - I could get there by being good - and I used to think I was more or less a good person. I was wrong on all counts. One day I finally had my eyes opened and I saw that I was not going to go to heaven, but that I was certainly going to suffer the wrath of God for all my sin. I saw myself as a treasonous rebel at heart - I hated God for creating me just to send me to Hell - and I was wretched beyond my own comprehension. Into this spiritual vacuum Jesus Christ came and he opened my understanding - delivering me from God's wrath into God's grace. I was "saved" as an adult, and now my life is hid in Christ. I am by no means sinless, but by God's grace I am a repenting believer - a born again Christian.

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