Monday, May 29, 2006

Emergent Truth?

Tim has written an article that responds to two articles written by Tony Jones (find them here and here) concerning the Emergent's position on scriptural authority, truth, as well as Jones' concerns that people are overly critical of Emergent.

Jones clearly struggles with the concept of truth. What makes the gospel true is not experience of those who hold to it. It is not because Augustine or Paul says so. It is true because God says so. The gospel is true because God tells us it is true. God, the source of truth, God who is truth, tells us that the gospel is true. We need no other authority to tell us this and to assure us of this. If God is who He says He is, the gospel must be true. An argument about truth is, in reality, argument about the very nature and character of God. Jones and other Emergent leaders are treading on some very dangerous ground when they begin to question or abandon or relativize truth.
- Tim Challies

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