Sunday, May 07, 2006


I don't listen to music much anymore. Maybe one song once or twice a month. That really is the extent of my music listening these days, which is quite the contrast when compared to my life a year ago. I used to always have the radio on, or a cd on, or I'd be playing guitar. I couldn't drive without music. And there was even a point in my life where I couldn't sleep without music. I love music, I still do, but I started to notice that when I shut the music off I found myself able to concentrate on the Word better, on God better. It seems that I had been distracting myself with the music. Rather than fill my time with God's Word I filled it with music.

As God showed me this I began to listen to music less and less in the house, but I still listened to it all the time in the car. And as I grew in the Word I listened to music even less. Until finally, one day I just shut the car stereo off. I found myself able to memorize Scripture better, I found myself praying more, I found peace in my life as I drew closer to God free from distraction (or at least less distraction).

But still, every once in a while it's nice to just hear a song. Songs can convey beautiful, powerful images. And sometimes it's good just to shake yourself up, I'm not saying we should all rush out and listen to Britney Spears or Tool, sometimes we can become complacent and harden our hearts and we ignore, or overlook what God shows us in His Word and a good God focused song can help us refocus. It's sad, but it does happen. At any rate, I was on my way to Barnes and Noble recently and decided to put on my mp3 player and listen to some tunes for a few minutes. The mp3 player put on Jars of Clay's "Hymn."

Oh refuge of my hardened heart
Oh fast pursuing lover come
As angels dance 'round Your throne
My life by captured fare You own

Not silhouette of trodden faith
Nor death shall not my steps be guide
I'll pirouette upon mine grave
For in Your path I'll run and hide


Oh gaze of love so melt my pride
That I may in Your house but kneel
And in my brokenness to cry
Spring worship unto Thee

When beauty breaks the spell of pain
The bludgeoned heart shall burst in vain
But not when love be pointed king
And truth shall Thee forever reign


Sweet Jesus carry me away
From cold of night, and dust of day
In ragged hour or salt worn eye
Be my desire, my wellspring lie

[Chorus x 2]

Spring worship unto Thee
Spring worship unto Thee

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