Friday, April 07, 2006

The Lost Gospels

With the Discovery Channel unveiling The Gospel of Judas discussion concerning the "lost gospels" has reached a fever pitch. It is interesting to say the least, more to come later, probably Saturday or Sunday. I just figured I'd mention it. ;)


Rick said...

i listened to albert mohler on the way home yesterday, and i felt he and his guest had a pretty even-handed response to it all. here's his commentary article - i don't think it deserves a harsh reaction, but instead maybe a more proactive one that builds conversation rather than jumping down anyone's throat.

just saw your post after having a conversation with a co-worker about it. brought up the truth of the Bible, the untruth of folks trying to do something different, a little about the false-dichotomy the gnostics were putting forth, etc. good chat, would've been ruined if i'd gone a different way, you know?

Paul said...

This story will be on 20/20 and Nightline tonight, as well.