Monday, April 03, 2006

An Expose: The Dark and Money Driven Side of Tim Challies

I didn't remember April Fools Day. Of course some people argue that I behave like a fool all year long, so my taking a single day off is of little consequence.

But it seems that various people around the blogosphere had quite a bit of fun. Most of it seeming to surround Tim Challies, a bribe, a possible retirement, and a campaign that was launched to save Tim from himself. Then an "article" appeared on his website seemingly to answer these rumors.

I do have a running theory on all the random posts concerning Mr. Challies. I believe he has bribed his friends into posting about this in order to generate traffic to his website, which includes a link to his business website. All this to drum up a little extra income before the baby comes! That or he wanted to see how many people would miss him. He obviously was fishing for compliments, and if money just so happened to be a side result he surely would be more than happy to accept as payment for the extra band width used! After all, we know Mr. Challies is just into blogging for the money!!

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