Sunday, April 23, 2006

God the Father

Tomorrow I am going to be looking into God as He is revealed to us through Scripture as a Father. There are important implications of describing God this way, and I think we often overlook them (though unintentionally). As I've begun to study this aspect of God and allowed what He has shown me to take hold of my heart I've seen the Word come alive in an entirely new way. So, tune in tomorrow and we'll get started. I'm excited.


Rick said...

really awesome, kristina. for me, a turning point in how i viewed scripture was when focused on the relationships throughout, and then towards me. if God is Father, if Jesus is Brother and Savior and Friend, if the Spirit is Helper and Comforter - not to mention all the other folks and what relationships we might build across time and space. the interrelatedness of it all impacts me greatly still. looking forward to playing along :)

Kristina said...

looking forward to playing along :)

Rick, I think you just like to argue with me ;)