Thursday, April 27, 2006

High Church Attendance Equals Great Spiritual Vitality?

In much of Europe, it is assumed that to be religious is to be naïve or stupid, while here a house of worship is found on every corner. We surpass every democracy in our religious fervor. And remember this: More Americans attend church or synagogue each week than attend professional sports in an entire year.

And this too: we share a common concern about the moral crisis of America. Even with religion thriving, we have witnessed all around us a disturbing collapse of public morality.

Doesn't this say something about the "faith" of this country? More people attend some form of religious service and yet the morals of this country are plummeting at an astounding rate. We have churches filled to the brim on just about every corner, and yet Scriptural illiteracy is at an all time high. We have more denominations than we have options on McDonalds Dollar Menu, and yet despite this abundance spiritual growth and satisfaction is highly malnourished as though people are being starved.

So I ask you, does church attendance truly indicate spiritual well being? Or has church, by in large, become a chance to socialize? It seems to me, any many others, that the latter is probably much more likely. The problem is that very few people seem willing to accept this. Going to church on Sundays does not necessarily mean one is following and truly serving God. This is not to say that all churches are spiritually bankrupt, or that all within the church are really without God, but to argue that because we have high attendance indicates a high level of spiritual health is ridiculous.

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Dusty Road said...

Excellent commentary. The neo-spiritualism of todays church goers is of concern. Saddly those who are students of the Bible, possess a little discernment, and are senitive to the Holy Spirit are truly the odd-fellowers in many churches.

I believe our only hope is to plant new churches and grow them by evangelising the lost and discliping them to do the same. Speaking of the lost, todays largest mission field in the USA is sitting in the pews each sunday.