Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Children Starved For Years By Family

I was doing a search on Google tonight and came across a story of two children who had been confined to a bathroom for years and starved. I was horrified as I read on and discovered that there were other children in the home that were treated normally and attended school and things of that nature.

Dr. Kathi Amrhein, who treated the 16-year-old girl and her 11-year-old brother, has said the children suffered possibly irreversible health problems as a result of the deprivation.

The 4-foot-tall girl weighed about 40 pounds when she fled from her home and was found by sheriff's deputies, thanks to a tip from a woman who saw her on the street Jan. 19. The 3 1/2-foot-tall boy weighed 31 pounds.


It is horrifying to me that this can and does happen to children. This isn't the first case I've heard of but I find myself at a loss. I cannot comprehend it. I can't imagine...And all that runs through my head is, Praise God that they are alive! His hand was with them and has brought them out. Praise God for that. Hopefully now the children will be able to get some help, be placed with a loving family who will seek the proper medical treatment needed for them and get them on the road to living a life outside the bathroom. I cannot imagine how frightening it must be for these children.

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