Friday, March 17, 2006

We Become What We Worship?

I got an email newsletter this morning from InFuze Magazine. It came complete with an article about sex (which I haven't read yet) and a column from the Editor concerning the topic of worship.

"Worship" is one of those super-Christian-y words that only the "religious" tend to think about. I heard an interesting thought about worship as a concept this week that I want to share with you, regardless of where you stand on religious matters.


"Whatever it is we worship, we imitate. Whatever we imitate, we become."

So here's my question: what are you worshiping? Is it someone worthy? Or something fleeting?

That's one question you better make sure you have a good answer to.

We become what we imitate, we imitate what we worship. Sounds good on the surface. If you worship money, you'll be greedy. If you idolize sex odds are you'll develop an addiction in some form to it. What about God?

If I worship God I'll imitate Him. In fact it is my sincere hope that I will be conformed to the image of Christ, that as time goes on you'll see less of me and more of Him. But I know I'm going to continue to fall short every day of my life. But can I really become what I imitate? Can I really become Christ? If I could wouldn't that make the cross ineffectual? By God's grace I am growing in Him and being molded, but will I one day become Christ? Can a piece of clay be molded and then get up and become the one who molded it?

Obviously I long to be less like myself and more like Christ, but I will never presume to say I will become Christ. I will never become who I worship, because who I worship is God and there is no god beside Him.

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