Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Best Ice Cream...EVER.

Today I took the kids out for a day of shopping and eating with a friend of mine. Once we finished getting jeans for my son we headed to Denny's and had lunch. Worst waiter ever, good burger. At any rate they certainly weren't going to get our business for dessert so my friend suggested we go to Cold Stone Creamery. I'd never been there. She pointed out what she was getting, told me I could get a sample of any of the ice cream and if I didn't want one of the combinations they had I could make my own from an assortment of ice cream and about 20 different kinds of candy. Needless to say my sweet tooth took over. William had plain chocolate and I got Chocolate Devotion. Chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips, and brownie. It was a chocolate over load. I was in heaven (hmm if heaven is half as good as that ice cream I'm going to be so happy.) Best ice cream I've had. Go get some.

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