Friday, March 03, 2006

Abortion Gone Wrong

I found this linked to on a blog that was linked by GirlTalk (Did you get that?). A woman got pregnant with twins, went for an abortion, and one of the babies survived.

The abortion was carried out at Perth Royal Infirmary in January 2001 and Miss Dow was told that no live material was visible in her uterus.

She was then given a contraceptive injection and advised that it could induce side effects of weight gain and an erratic menstrual cycle.

Miss Dow claims she thought the injection was to blame for her subsequent increase in weight and the cessation of her periods.

But she returned to her doctor and was advised that one of the foetuses had survived and was seven weeks from full term.

So let me get this straight, she's trying to say she never once felt the baby move? I don't know about you but my babies were flipping around like they were on a trampoline well before I got to that point. She didn't notice the baby moving? Not once? I find it highly unlikely. It's not like she didn't know she was having twins as is evidenced by the following quote, so why not follow up with the doctors sooner than that?

She added: "The hospital knew it was twins when I went for the termination so they should have checked even more carefully before sending me home."

The entire situation is insane and saddens me greatly. Praise God the child survived, and I pray the Lord's hand would continue to rest upon and protect this child as she grows up.


Anonymous said...

some people don't have the same symptoms of pregnacy as others. If you thought for a second beyond god you'd know everyone is different and feels things differently. Lots of people don't feel any symptoms of pregnacy even those who have had babies before. Second, you don't for a moment think of the women in this, all she is saying is that the hospital wasn't paying attention. This is a serious problem, not just because of the babies health but the women's health could have been at great risk. People like you who never think of the women make me conserned about the world any child is growing up in. Grow up and if you comment on things think past your religon first. Sorry.

Kristina said...

Right, because I value the life of a child automatically means I don't value women, and that I haven't considered what the world is like today or how difficult it is to raise children.

Listen, abortion is not a solution to difficult circumstances. Just like killing your 2 year old isn't a solution.

I don't have all the answers, I know how difficult life can be. I know that kids can make things more challenging. Furthermore, she managed to make it to 7 weeks until her due date - clearly she was healthy enough to make it to that point. Should the hospital have checked to make sure they did what they set out to do? From a business stand point, I suppose so. It is bad for business when you can't manage to slaughter two small babies the first time.

As a side note: You do realize you're commenting on a blog that has been inactive for over two years, and that the post you specifically commented on is three years old. If you want to attack someone, claiming they don't think, try doing it with something more recent.