Friday, March 31, 2006

It Is Beautiful, Go Play.

Yesterday I did some errands early in the morning (around 7) and came home. It was rather cold when I had been out so I had the doors and windows closed because of the kids. Well, I was in for quite the surprise! A friend informed me that it was really very nice out, so we threw shoes on the kids and headed out to the yard for some play time. My word, it was nice. We played for well over an hour before deciding that in celebration of the lovely weather we should get ice cream. Needless to say we went to Coldstone. YUM.

After our ice cream we headed off to the park for more play time, where I discovered my three year old son is quite the ladies man. What a flirt. He kept hugging little girls and talking up a storm with them, but ignored the boys. We came home had dinner, put my daughter to bed and proceeded to go play in the yard some more. I'm glad it is getting nice out, but boy I'm going to be exhausted if we do this every day!

Moral of the story? It is beautiful, go play.

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