Friday, March 10, 2006

Left Behind The Video Game

I've been hearing rumors of a video game based upon the Left Behind series, so I did a quick search on Google. Apparently, according to a few sites, the player spends their time traveling the streets of NY training converts to do the will of God which may include killing people who refuse to convert. Can you imagine? Anyway, if you want the truth I was a bit surprised since I don't recall the series encouraging killing people. (Well, maybe the AntiChrist, but does he count?) So, I then went on to read an interview with one of the people that helped put together the game. Basically, this is being tagged a Christian video game because it's attached to Left Behind, but the focus and development is not one that models after Christian ideals. They've taken a name that's big among evangelical Christians and tagged it onto another "bang bang shoot 'em up" video game.

They're not creating a game for Christians, they're creating a game for parents with guilty consciences to give to their unruly unrepentant children and feel better about themselves. "Well, little Johnny likes playing games and at least this has the name of the Lord in it." The Matrix has the name of the Lord in it more than any other movie I've ever seen, but can you really call that a Christian movie? Look at the context people. Look at Scripture.

Did Jesus kill the Pharasees for rejecting Him? No. Granted sometimes when I read about them I'd like to smack them upside the head and say, "Wake up! It's the Son of God! Salvation is here!" But really. No killing. But this? Just because the name Jesus is attached to it somehow doesn't make this Christian. Truly it is a shame. I don't like Left Behind, but this is just above and beyond anything I've imagined would come out.

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