Sunday, June 04, 2006

Women of Scripture Series

Tomorrow I will be starting a short series, I'm not really sure what to call the series quite yet, but it is a study into the lives of four Gentile women in Scripture that were brought into the family of God. These women are fabulous depictions of faith at work, and I believe there is an endless wealth of knowledge and encouragement that can be gleaned from their lives as God unfolds their stories for us. And as their lives unfold I believe we can gain an even deeper appreciation for God's grace, His mercy, and above all His glory. These stories help remind me that it is often the small stuff, the things the world wouldn't see as miraculous that are truly from the hand of God. If we sit around waiting for the seas to part we're going to miss all the little things that go on around us each day that are as much a blessing as that would be. I'm not going to tell you who the women are ahead of time, though you'd probably be able to guess at least a couple of them. So, come back tomorrow and we'll get started. One a day until I run out of notes. I'll see you soon.


Here are the links to the articles:
Woman one.
Woman two.
Woman three.
Woman four.

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