Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Instrumentals

Ok, confession. I was a band geek/ nerd. I think aside from the library I spent more time in the band room than doing anything else. And I loved it. The school I graduated from had a long standing tradition of excellence in the music department, and I'm proud to say that I helped to contribute a small part to that. Being in band I was exposed to countless songs, some of which I hated, and some of which brought tears to my eyes performing them. And so here are just a few that I've performed as well as just some other songs that I love.

Mayflower Overture by Ron Nelson
Prelude and Fugue
Sursum Corda composed by Edward Elgar
Fantasia in G by Timothy Mahr
Traumerei by Robert Schumann
Moonlight Sonata Movement 2 by Beethoven
Thy Word by Michael W. Smith
Sonata Number 3 by Rachmanioff
Fantasi Impromptu C#m by Chopin
Nocturne, E flat major, op. 9 by Chopin
Gymnopedie no 1 by Erik Satie
Gnossienne no 1 by Erik Satie

I could go on, but honestly we'd be here all day concerning this single post.

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