Thursday, January 05, 2006

Time Management and Dependence

I was at GirlTalk again.

Not only do I have a tendency toward legalism (see yesterday’s post), I can often submit to the sin of self-sufficiency--living independently of God. I will go about my day making decisions, performing actions, and interacting with others, all the while neglecting to consult the Lord for His guidance and direction.

What absurdity such behavior displays! How foolish to think that I can successfully pull off anything apart from God’s help, guidance and direction. It is for this reason that I need to be continually reminded of the source of my ability. This is the second all-important truth we need to keep before us when considering the topic of time management and organization.

We can fill our shelves with every time management and organizational book available today. And we can devote all our energies to applying their tips and following their suggestions. Yet, we are utterly incapable of managing our time or organizing our life in a way that brings glory to God without God’s help! Jesus put it quite bluntly when He said, “Without me, you can do nothing.”


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