Thursday, January 05, 2006

Hey, want to go to Vegas? Sure, let's leave the kiddies home alone and hit the road!

What the heck is wrong with people today? Leaving a 9 year old boy alone over night to care for his 5 year old autistic brother to go party it up in Vegas with the little misses?! Come on people, common sense tells you this is bad bad bad. Use the brains God blessed you with.

From the sounds of the article I don't think the wife is the natural mother of these boys, but quite frankly it disturbs me that there are women out there with no sense of maternal instinct. I cannot begin to fathom how someone can think this is a good idea. And what makes it even better (assuming they aren't innocent) they can only get a maximum of six years in jail. Oh, the kids weren't worth hiring someone to watch them, but they shelled out the money for a dogsitter! That's just crazy. The whole thing is crazy. People are crazy.

::end rant::

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