Thursday, January 12, 2006

Categories: To Create or To Not Create? That is The Question

I was over at Jordan's View and discovered a way to add categories to my sidebar even though blogger doesn't support this function. This has, by in large, been one of the most annoying things about blogger. I want categories! So, I followed Jordan's instructions and got ready to take steps to create my categories. The problem is that the way to do it is rather long and tedious, and I'm just not patient enough to do it. I mean I've been blogging for well over a year, with roughly 2 posts a day on average. That's a lot of posts to have to go through and organize. I'm FAR to lazy for all that.

And I realized as I opened my third tab in firefox to create a category post, I already have my posts organized very well! Granted not every post may be accounted for, but the ones I'm proud of are. I've got a recipes section, a reviews section, a reading list, and a favorites section. So, I thought to myself, Who on earth really wants me to categorize every post? Odds are if it isn't in the sidebar you won't miss it, since I can't remember writing many of them do I really expect you to read them and NEED them bookmarked? I think not.

So I have decided I like the way my blog is organized and will not be restructuring it any time in the near future. Suck it up. Do you know how long it would take me to organize all those posts? It would take at least two days, and after I did all that work with my luck I'd decide I hate the way it looks and erase it all (I'm known for doing this on a regular basis with other projects) and start over.

To summarize, I'm not adding categories. At least not in the way everyone else does.

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