Saturday, October 01, 2005

Unborn babies found 'for satanic rituals'

The bodies of three unborn children concealed in statues of Christian saints reportedly were found yesterday, with authorities believing they were intended for use in satanic rituals in the U.S.

The BBC and other wire services say the gruesome discovery was made at the international airport in Bogota, Colombia, as police were conducting routine searches for contraband.


You know the whole thing just sickens me. The fact that anyone would want to worship Satan, the fact that people are willing to make human sacrifices to anyone/anything, and most of all, the fact that in order for these three babies to be put in the statues at least one woman (and up to three women) chose to kill their children. If they hadn't these babies would never have ended up in the statues.

As a mother this horrifies me. As a Christian, I can't say I am surprised, people who are willing to devote their lives to Satan (or in their minds to a different god other than the one of the Bible) are capable of anything.

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