Sunday, October 23, 2005

"The Purpose-Driven Life" to Become a Bible?

What part of the world is left for Warren to conquer?

He pitched his "Forty Days of Peace" to religion writers at their annual convention, a grand plan to recruit churches to forge peace in the world and end poverty and HIV/AIDS. His first destination is Rwanda, as a story in the October issue of Christianity Today shared.

The magazine cover featured a striking photograph of Warren and his wife, Kay, surrounded by appreciative-looking Rwandans, above the title: "Purpose Driven in Rwanda." He's hopeful - even cocky - that "The Purpose-Driven Life" will become to Christians what Dr. Spock's child-reading book became to parents. A bible.
Source (emphasis mine)

There are so very many things I could say, especially about that last part, but I'll let it slide because it isn't a direct quote. But it does make me wonder about a few things...

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