Monday, October 24, 2005

Immodesty Makes The Front Page (Again)

I'm not going to post the image directly, but if you want to see what I'm talking about go here. I got my morning paper off the front stoop while my daughter was down for her nap. I opened it up and of course there was lots about the White Sox, and there was the local section with photos from around the community, and then I found on the front page of the "In Focus" section a nearly half page photo from a local high school football game.

What's the problem, why am I focusing on this one photo? I'm focusing on this image because right there in the middle of the shot was a girl. Her face is blocked by a shamrock green wig of a guy in front of the camera, but the photographer did manage to capture her cleavage on film. This girl appears to be pulling her shirt down to reveal, aside from her cleavage, P.H.S. written in green on her chest.

This is front page news. I can't help but wonder why she wrote the letters there, though I'm sure it was to draw attention to that area of her body. And boy, her body is sure getting attention now. Every person who reads their Monday paper today in the Joliet area will get to see what she was showing to a couple of guys at a football game. I can't tell you had sad this makes me. I'm sad that she feels the need to show herself off like that, and I'm more sorry that the newspaper feels this is front page material.

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