Monday, October 10, 2005

Madonna, a Rabbi, and Past Lives?

Madonna, the queen of controversy, is at it again. This time it isn't a book entitled Sex, nor is it a kiss with Britney Spears that is getting her name in the headlines. Rabbi Rafael Cohen and others are outraged at the former "material girl's" song that talks about a 16th century Jewish mystic and Kabbalah scholar named Yitzhak Luria. They indicate that Jewish law that says the use of a holy rabbi's name for profit is forbidden.

Now, her antics usually do stir up quite a bit of attention, but I wonder if this same rabbi would be as outraged if it was anyone but Madonna using the 16th century mystic's name? Also, if what they say is true concerning the use of a rabbi's name for profit does that mean it is illegal to write a biography and sell it? Would it be considered contrary to the law to even mention a former rabbi in your writings that will later be sold? What about the appearance of articles concerning Madonna's song in news papers, couldn't that be argued as going against the law? After all, the name is being mentioned and news papers get sold.

Interestingly enough this rabbi that she makes reference to apparently had Elijah visit him in a vision and told him to move and teach a rabbi named Chaim Vitael, whom had been his teacher in a past life. I don't recall the Bible's Old Testament making any reference to man being able to have past lives, perhaps someone could point it out to me? The only past life I have ever heard of someone having is when they turn from their life of sin and begin to live for God through Jesus Christ. Then, I suppose, it could be argued that we have had a past life.

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