Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Welcome to the very first Wacky Wednesday! I hope this to be the begining of something that will prove to entertain the masses. Be sure to stop by each Wednesday to read some of the most wacky stuff I can find!

Anyway, onto our first topic.

I was doing some random blog reading on Monday and stumbled upon this. On the page there is a photo of a stop sign with a little sign directly underneath it. Now, that isn't the strange part, I see those all the time. The strange part was, rather than saying "4 way stop" or "2 way stop" like most signs, this one says "REQUIRED BY LAW"! I never realized that people needed to be told that.

I mean stop signs are big and red and just about scream "STOP," so why would people think they are optional? Needless to say, I found the photo rather amusing. Although, seeing the way some people drive, I understand the extra enforcement of the stop sign, but I wonder something. If people just can't read the word STOP, which is the only reason I would think anyone would run the sign, one can safely assume they would be unable to comprehend what the phrase "REQUIRED BY LAW" means as this is much longer than the first sign. So, how effective can the extra sign be since the people who run stop signs probably can't read (which is why they don't stop when they see the sign saying STOP)?


Anonymous said...

I think that the stop sign thing was photoshopped. I could be mistaken though.

And thank you for allowing anonymous comments on your blog. Moo hoo haa haa, you'll never know who this is!

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Kristina said...

It may have been photoshopped, but I just thought it was entertaining. Thanks for stopping by Ficus, er, I mean stranger. ;)